'we know how hard it is to raise a dollar'

charity adventure treks

Having been involved in fundraising for many years, including raising over $250,000 towards cancer research, Allan and Sharon know first hand how tough it can be to raise much needed funds for your foundation or chosen charity.  With some simple planning and goal setting, you can raise significant funds from a single venture by involving your members or volunteers in a Charity Challenge.


So for your next Charity Challenge, why not let us help you plan and design a unique and life-changing adventure.  Suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels, we give you the right advice and logistical support to make sure your charity venture is a great success.


You can even request for Sharon and Allan to join your venture, guaranteeing a professionally guided experience with plenty of laughs along the way.

what is a charity challenge?

A charity challenge allows participants to embrace the journey of a lifetime, through self-­discovery, trust, perseverance and teamwork where lifelong bonds are created.  This is the opportunity for everyday individuals to unleash their inner philanthropist, and redefine their purpose in life for a worthwhile cause.

why run a charity challenge?

The greatest feature of any charity challenge is the ability to garner large media and social interest around ordinary people doing extraordinary things. With this attention, the participants are able to gain the support of the local community to successfully fundraise for their chosen charity.  Our goal at Everest One is that all charity climbs can raise up to $100,000. 

where should we go?

The choice is yours.  Everest One can facilitate any climb or trek from the Himalayas in Nepal or Tibet to Kokoda and more.  The most popular charity destination is Everest Base Camp, as it is widely recognizable and gains good media attention.  

how do we book?

Everest One tailor individual solutions to meet the objective of each unique charity.  Once a plan is agreed upon, Everest One will run information sessions and provide personal advice to parties interested in participating, before finalising bookings with deposit.

what are the benefits of working with Everest One?

Through Sharon and Allan’s cancer journey, the couple set-­‐up a foundation, 'Climbing for a Cause', where they set out to raise in excess of $250,000 towards cancer research and support services.  Sharon and Allan worked with several charities to achieve this goal and after 3 years finally reached their target.  Everest One understand the importance of fundraising for community growth and more importantly, the effort and dedication required to achieve success out of a charity climb. Allan and Sharon donate their expertise, both on and off the mountains to encourage triumph.

point of difference

Everest One are committed to providing ongoing support and dedication to their clients.  For any charity engaging in a charity challenge, Allan and Sharon will attend at no cost, as either keynote speakers for a fundraising event, or in a training session for employees or associations. While tailoring a comprehensive fundraising solution, the different options will be discussed so the best outcome is achieved to help increase fundraising efforts. 

Many companies involved in adventure challenges and fundraising expect you to pay upfront, limiting their exposure.  With Everest One, we work with you to attract people to join your venture.  We work with people we believe in and share the risk.  At the end of the day, it is about making as much money as possible for your charity.  That is the commitment you will always get from us. 


These adventures are perfect for people who are passionate about raising valuable funds for their chosen charity.  Participants must be willing to put in some effort, think outside the box, be creative, train to attain a reasonable level of fitness, step outside of their comfort zone at times, immerse themself in new cultures, witness incredible scenery, build life-long friendships and most of all have fun and enjoy every step of the journey.

our profile

  • 1st Australian couple to summit Mt Everest

  • 1st Breast cancer survivor in the world to summit Mt Everest

  • 10+ years experience climbing/trekking/guiding expeditions in the Himalayas

  • experienced wilderness First Aid

our company

  • Everest One is an Australian owned company run by expert climbers

  • Boutique outdoor company focused on small group adventure and unique projects

  • Proven expertise in planning individual projects, tailored to meet client needs

  • Experienced in fundraising, able to align individual projects with initiatives particularly the himalayan region

  • Provide ongoing support, from training, equipment, preparation to challenges and expectations in a remote, rugged environment

  • Attend fundraisers and information nights and speak at those events

  • Work in conjunction with highly experienced Nepalese partners

our team

  • Highly experienced climbing Sherpa team, all with summits of Mt Everest plus other 8000m+ climbing experience

  • Team established for many years, international accreditations, including the youngest Nepalese guide to attain UIAGM (International Mountain Guide) status

  • Exceptional conditions/equipment provided for staff, ongoing training and development, including support and employment during non-­‐climbing season

  • Close team, built around trust and respect, members treated like family 

  • Qualified trekking Sherpas and support staff, including permanent kitchen staff