join us on a magical journey to the roof of africa - Mt Kilimanjaro!

Everest One always offer premier climbing experiences and Kilimanjaro is no

exception. Having already climbed via the Rongai and Lemosho routes in January and February this year, with 4 summits and 100% success of all team members, we will be leading one additional climb in October this year.

For 2019, we have numerous trips scheduled between January and March and also August and September.


You will take comfort in the fact that you will be led by a highly experienced expedition leader along with our team of local guides. This trip is a great starting point for anyone who wants a challenging trek, or is wanting to experience their first taste of altitude.


After 9 successful climbs over the past 2 years, we will again be offering the choice of climbing via the Rongai route or the Lemosho route.  Both of these routes allow for greater time to acclimatise, giving trekkers a far greater chance at reaching the summit.  


Offering two completely contrasting climbs, with one starting from the west and the other closer to Kenya in the north, these climbs provide stunning views, dramatic landscape transformations and most importantly, less crowds.


Our focus at Everest One is quality, enjoyment, safety and success. The

combination of great trekking and amazing wildlife safaris make Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanzania a top destination. 



If you’re wanting to experience a stunning, achievable climb in an amazing part of the world then why not join us on a climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Our success rate currently stands at above 96% which is outstanding.  This comes down to our experience at high altitude, and flexible itineraries, allowing our clients more time to acclimatise without being rushed up the mountain.


Everest One will be leading numerous treks up this amazing mountain – with one climb in October via the Rongai route and another 10 trips scheduled for 2019.

Check out the brochures below for available dates in 2018 and 2019.


In them you will find information about Everest One, a detailed itinerary, inclusions, a gear list, the cost involved and an online booking form.

You are sure to find a date that suits you.

Once you join a trip, Everest One are with you every step of the way, and are there to answer all your questions.  We also provide assistance with training, gear selection, travel insurance and travel advice.

We offer our clients exclusive access to incredible discounts at a number of outdoor stores throughout Australia.

Take the step and lock in your next adventure today.

Various dates for 2019