Staff and students were exhilarated, I really recommend their work to any educators wishing to motivate, enlighten and inspire their students to achieve their very best using conquering Everest as a metaphor for leadership, study, resilience and relationships.
Dr Steven Middleton, The King's School. Sydney


be brave, take risks, nothing can substitute experience 

Paulo Coelho

delivering engaging, thought provoking stories from real world experience

Sharon and Allan speak about life.


These guys are raw, honest, funny and completely authentic.  They speak about actual events throughout their astonishing  journey so far, and deliver stories that relate to their audience.


Known for their entertaining and moving delivery, Sharon and Allan co-present in the corporate and educational arenas.  They are committed to building relationships and a lasting impression with their clients and audience before, during and long after they have left the stage.


For them, this is not a job, this is their passion, and they love nothing more than standing in front of a group  of likeminded people who are there to be inspired and entertained.

They are spontaneous on stage, show their vulnerabilities, laugh at their mistakes, bare their soles, share humourous stories and keep their audience involved.

Despite having achieved some incredible accomplishments and faced countless hurdles, including Sharon being recently diagnosed with a rare malignant sarcoma, and having to tackle the dreaded cancer journey again, they both remain incredibly grounded and humble. Sharon and Allan are ordinary people who believe in themselves and are constantly pushing the boundaries.

Nothing, not even cancer will stop this couple though, and Sharon is already planning her come-back climb in February 2017, focused on leading a group of trekkers on another climb of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Having worked in law enforcement, behavioural based safety, international project management and as mountain guides, they are able to relate to and engage with any audience, leaving them touched by the experience.


keynotes and outcomes

climbing through the darkness

Sharon and Allan share their journey so far, from the dreams of climbing big mountains to starting a family only to then be confronted with an unexpected visitor; cancer came knocking.  Despite losing two of her assets, Sharon rose above and beyond, reaching the highest point on earth, whilst becoming a shining beacon of hope for people all around Australia whilst her resilience and infectious laugh touched so many fighting their own battles.

Despite living a healthy lifestyle, full of adventure and discovery, cancer decided to return, this time completely unrelated and a lot more frightening.  Sharon was diagnosed with a rare facial sarcoma, resulting in delicate, extensive surgery to remove a tumour, along with her cheek, eye socket, and palate, requiring her face to be rebuilt with titanium and other parts of her body.  For many people, this would have been too traumatic, but she is already fighting back, day by day, taking on the treatment and planning the next chapter of her and Allan's life.  

Let's just say, planning for retirement is not a major priority in their lives right now.  Life is for living, no regrets, giving it your best, experiencing as much as possible and helping people less fortunate.

The duo also incorporate perspectives from a carer. Having to  stand beside someone you love, watching them endure pain and disfigurement unfortunately comes with it’s own set of complications and issues.  Allan shares his experiences from feeling helpless to adoration and triumph, an area many carers rarely talk about.


But this is not a sad story, this is a remarkable journey of self-discovery, of strength and tenacity, showing the incredible will to fight that is in us all.  With so many meaningful messages and inspirational stories along the way, the couple aimed high, worked and trained hard and faced dangerous situations before finally standing together on the highest point on earth, on the summit of Mt Everest.  And they are just getting started.


Sharon and Allan deliver a wonderful tale that will entertain and inspire your audience, mesmerising them with incredible visuals, participation and candid openness.


Key messages: Resilience, tenacity, self-belief, team-work, trust and managing fear


leadership & maintaining team harmony

It can be difficult working in testing environments or being faced with stressful, overwhelming situations.  Each of us react differently to pressure, and as leaders we need to have strategies in place to manage our team.


Having worked in adverse conditions, in the middle of nowhere, out at sea or on top of a mountain, Allan and Sharon have had to adapt to challenging environments, using skills to equip them with whatever situation lay ahead.  Working for over a decade side by side, often in confined, testing locations, they also had to learn and practice techniques when interacting with each other. 


When people are stressed, scared, uncomfortable, fatigued or emotional, cracks can appear and personality traits emerge. As expedition guides, Allan and Sharon understand the pressures placed on their clients, and are experienced in managing people, particularly when the pressure is on.  


During this presentation, they share this knowledge, from creating a positive, collaborative team environment; keeping people informed, respecting the views of others, being adaptable and open to change, taking care of one another, inclusion, creating a sense of kinship whilst leading from the front and making decisions.


Key messages: Team-work, leadership, communication, collaboration, decision making


There is little argument that mountain climbing is a dangerous activity.  Climbers are constantly faced with an array of scenarios from extreme weather, avalanche, exposure, and falls and for this reason they need to constantly assess and manage the conditions.  Recognising and having to make the difficult, unpopular decisions is crucial, which can often mean people having to give up on their dreams.


No pursuit is worth your life, and getting home in one piece is the key goal for each and every expedition.  


Most accidents take place on the mountain when people are on their way down.  Having reached the summit or had to turn back, the adrenaline is no longer pumping, climbers are feeling either jubilant or dejected and almost always fatigued.  Complacency now enters the equation and concentration shifts.  This is no different to our everyday working lives.  


Most of us know how to act in a safe manner and constantly assess the risk and understand the consequences.  But how many incidents could have been avoided.  Distracted by a phone, or thinking about dinner that night, we drop our guard and sometimes pay the ultimate price.


During this talk, Sharon and Allan talk about crucial decisions they have made in the mountains, share stories of poor and questionable decisions and consequences, the importance of placing your team ahead of ambition, having risk management practices in place, monitoring your teams physical and mental health, managing fatigue and embracing a culture of safety.


Key messages: risk management, safety, discipline, managing your team



taking care of you and your team