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Hear Sharon and Allan Cohrs talk about their journey through breast cancer, to achieving the ultimate goal of conquering Everest. In exclusive radio interviews the pair discuss some of the highs and lows, ahead of their headline appearance at the Wesley Breast Clinic event, Chandeliers and City Lights.


Hundreds touched by breast cancer formed a sea of colour to mark the annual Pink Ribbon Day at which Sharon Cohrs was key note speaker. Sharon and Allan Cohrs speak with Jessica Turner from Channel 10 at the event. 

Proof that cancer and self doubt can both be beaten, a group of eleven ordinary Australians achieve something extraordinary, a journey to Everest Base Camp. Led by experienced mountaineers Sharon and Allan Cohrs, the first breast cancer survivor and first Australian couple to summit Everest, the group complete this challenging trek through determination.

An intimate glimpse into the journey of Sharon and Allan Cohrs through diagnosis of breast cancer, chemotherapy, a double mastectomy and the ultimate triumph over both cancer and Everest. Now stronger than ever, the couple train a group of eleven Australians, touched by Sharon's story, as they prepare for their own trip to Everest Base Camp.