From the colourful and vibrant hustle of the Marrakech Medina, to the rugged,

natural beauty of the High Atlas mountains, from the moody, visual serenity

of the Sahara desert to the windy Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is filled with

exotic wonderment and rich culture.

Everest One are proud to offer you a bespoke luxury adventure, delving into

this exquisite land where every step immerses you into a culture, steeped in

tradition, warmth and vibrancy.

Along the journey, we stay in luxurious, mostly traditional accommodation

from our own private 10 acre Estate (exclusive to Everest One) to exotic

16th century Riads, mountain retreats and luxury hotels.

We explore villages off the beaten track, discover local traditions and sample

sumptuous cuisine.

Learn the secret to perfect Moroccan delicacies, experience the ancient

Hammam tradition, travel through the Sahara desert, take an exhilarating hot

air balloon ride over Marrakech and climb

the highest peak in the Atlas mountains.

Everest One is an Australian adventure travel company known around the world

for the premium trips we offer in Nepal, Africa, South America and Australia.


We are delighted to offer intrepid travelers the real Morocco with a touch of luxury.

We pride ourselves on truly personalized service, not only with our professional charismatic guides but the level of quality, from exceptional accommodation to unforgettable, local experiences and sights



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Trip Dates:

> 23rd Feb - 5th Mar 2020

> 22nd Mar - 2nd Apr 2020

> 12th Oct - 23rd Oct 2020

> 9th Nov - 20th Nov 2020

Trip Price: 





12 Days



Easy to Moderate

Technical Grading

Country: Morocco

Days: 12


Grade: Easy to Moderate

Difficulty: 12 days of luxury touring including 3 days of easy to moderate trekking (optional)

Highest Altitude: 4165m

Experience: Nil required

Visa Requirement: Not required

Vaccinations: Consult GP / Travel doctor

Travel Insurance: Essential


Exploring the vibrant Red City of Marrakech, amidst a labyrinth of narrow Souks and the hustle and bustle of the Medina

Staying in opulent 14th century Riads

Discovering the Sahara desert including a night in your own private camp under the stars

Opulent 5 star accommodation

Trekking through the incredible Atlas Mountains with a choice to climb Mt Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa

Staying for 2 nights in your own exclusive luxury estate with all meals and drinks


All meals included 

Visiting a local Hammam (other options) and experiencing traditional treatments

Floating above Marrakech in a hot air balloon affording stunning views of the Atlas Mountains