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Sunny Melbourne

Yesterday, I flew into Melbourne to catch up with Bobby Bajram. Larger than life, that’s an understatement. Bobby had just finished his 2nd training session for the day when we caught up at the Victoria Markets for a quick bite to eat and a chat. After Bobby entertained a few inquisitive American tourists, we headed off for a visit to the office of Independent Disability Services, where I met the CEO, Jed McCartney and Kathryn. Bobby is obviously a regular in the office, and it was great fun meeting the team and hearing a little about what they do. These guys do amazing things in the community, and I look forward to building a great relationship with these guys as part of Bobby’s journey to Everest.

With little time, I quickly made my way over to the Kathmandu Head office at South Melbourne, where I met up with a close friend, Martine, who was putting me up for the night. Marty was with us in 2012 on the trek to EBC and is joining us again for the Mera Peak climb later this year. It was great to chill out, enjoying a beer on the porch, followed by a great steak, then a session of My Kitchen Rules, before retiring for an early night.

I have a fairly jam packed day in store today, and we both just finished an interview with Luke Waters from SBS at Fitness First Richmond. I think the story will be running on SBS News tonight, or if not, in the next day or so, so keep a look out for it. Bobby’s trainers, Chris and Sylvia are doing a phenomenal job getting Bobby ready, and it was great meeting the team. Thanks Eugene for the advice on Social media, I will be in touch, got to get with the times.

This afternoon, we have another two interviews scheduled with potential sponsors before I fly home this evening.

It has been a pleasure spending a bit of time with Bobby. His attitude towards life is admirable, and his will and determination to go forth and attempt to climb Mt Everest is truly inspiring. There will always be mixed emotions about his climb, but Bobby is one of those guys that refuses to accept no for an answer, he believes in himself and has an inner confidence and likability rarely seen. Bobby is not your average bloke, actually he is far from it, and he expresses his emotions on the outside.

Anyhow, got to run, it’s all go go go.



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