• Allan Cohrs

The Day Has Finally Come

The day has finally come. The countdown on the website has reached zero. We are sitting in Melbourne International Airport with Bobby Bajram, ready to fly out. This is set to be a challenging yet exciting adventure, where we will need to be flexible regarding our itinerary and progress. In light of the tragedy that has just happened on Everest, we must show respect and thoughtfulness, and not place our own ambitions above the feelings and emotions of others.

We will pay our final respects to our great friend and climbing partner Ankaji Sherpa, before we head up into the mountains.

I spoke on the radio this morning about the incident, and it is still not easy to talk about. I know so many of our friends are in mourning and hurting deeply.

Tomorrow we will be in Kathmandu to make our final preparations, before Bobby’s expedition starts. He is in great spirits and very excited, whilst relieved to know that the last 4 years of training and dreaming about this day, have finally arrived.

Speak soon


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