• Allan Cohrs

In Namche

At around 6.00am this morning, I could hear Bobby outside on the phone, sharing his enthusiasm and delight at being in the Himalayas with friends and family back home in Australia. It was great to know that he had slept well, and was feeling good. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to sneak into his room and pack up his gear before breakfast.

I explained to Bobby that today was going to be a fairly tough day, with a drop down to the Dudh Kosi, followed by a considerable altitude gain as we started to work our way up the dusty hill into Namche. Bobby once again moved really well, and his face was a picture of concentration.

Once again, he had a couple of minor stumbles, with the team catching his fall. Bobby commented that besides being in the Himalayas, what makes this trip so special is the team, with everyone focused on his safety. He feels comfortable knowing that he can just focus on the trek, and there is always someone there to take care of him.

We had lunch at my favourite cafe in the world, Cafe de 8848, and it was wonderful to catch up with my great friend, Nyima Sherpa. I have a gift for him which I will deliver tonight, and make sure to post it in tomorrow’s update.



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