• Allan Cohrs

A Day of Rest

Today we had the traditional rest day in Namche. All that means, is we go for a 3 hour walk, gain some altitude, then return to our lodge, as opposed to moving to another village. Bobby once again did well, and moved comfortably up to the Everest View Hotel, at around 3800m.

I have been watching Bobby closely as he moves. His foot placement is careful, and he generates all of his concentration to ensure his foot lands where he intends. He moves comfortably uphill, and sometimes needs a pace setter in front of him to slow him down to a suitable altitude pace. Downhill, he needs close attention, particularly on uneven terrain, due to the inconsistency of the steps. Remarkably though, when he crosses the huge suspension bridges, he moves freely, and has no concerns with balance. He is doing well adjusting to altitude, and had a few initial breathing changes before acclimatising quickly.

Bobby is also trialling a new drug for Multiple Sclerosis. He has commented in the past few days that he can feel it working, and it gives him extra strength, balance and confidence during the day.

The boys are so professional and patient, and work well with Bobby. We intend to maintain a close presence with Bobby in the upcoming days as he works his way towards Kala Patar.

I have reassessed our plan of heading for Phortse tomorrow, particularly considering the narrow ridge-lines with significant drops, between Phortse and Pangboche. For that reason, we have changed our destination, and aim to reach Tengboche, which is home to the largest Buddhist Monastery in the Khumbu.

The beauty of a having a small, specialised team, is that we have the ability to make changes as needed, to ensure Bobby’s safety at all times.

I am enjoying the challenge, and the boys are adapting to their roles well. This is a unique trip, requiring constant concentration and care. Bobby’s courage is admirable, as he focusses on reaching his goals in the next few weeks.

Speak soon.



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