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We spent an extra day in Pangboche yesterday, allowing Bobby to rest. He was under strict instructions to hydrate, eat some decent food, and stay still; and what a difference a day has made.

Bobby woke up this morning with a new found vigor, and a spring in his step. I told him we had up to 5 hours of walking today, depending on how he was moving and how often he needed to stop. His balance and leg strength returned, and he had a reasonable level of power again. He walked at a good pace, with only a few breaks, and we made it to Pheriche in 3 hours, which was a great effort at 2 hours ahead of our ETA.

Bobby was thrilled that he had made it in such a short time, and celebrated by joining the locals in the field, helping them plough for the next crop.

We now have a rest day again tomorrow, as we have gained a reasonable altitude of 4370m, and need to acclimatize before going higher.

Our next push to Lobuche in a few days will be a significant test, with a vertical gain of more than 500m. Bobby needs to make the most of his down time, and re-energise before the next phase of his journey.

We will visit the Everest Rescue clinic this afternoon for a quick check-up, and I am confident Bobby will get a clean bill of health. He has had quite a few rough days, but does not appear to be suffering from any effects of altitude, just fatigue. Close monitoring health and the allocation of maximum rest periods, will give Bobby the best possible chance of getting to the top of Kala Patthar.

This has been a challenging, yet rewarding trip already which is incredible considering we still have a considerable distance to go. Every day I am thankful to have our incredible Sherpa team at our side, none of this ever would have been possible without their support at every step. Tomorrow I will to go into more detail about what they have done to make Bobby’s dreams reality, these guys are really terrific.



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