• Allan Cohrs

Resting Up In Pheriche

Today is a well-earned day of rest for the team. This expedition has been a completely new experience for us all, and a great learning curve. Unlike other treks or climbs, we never know what to expect from day to day, and constantly need to be on the ball.

Each of us have developed an excellent understanding of what is required, and have formed a great team dynamic. Once we set off each day, we know it is time to focus and concentrate on Bobby.

Wangda, who is carrying a heavy pack, as he also carries the bulk of Bobby’s gear, walks in front, setting a slow and steady pace. Jangbu and Anggelu stand on either side of Bobby, holding him on the sharp descent’s, steering him on the steep climbs and keeping him away from the sheer ridge-lines. I stand directly behind Bobby, catching him if he falls backwards. So far, I have been required the least, usually only having to break his fall a few times, whilst the boys are kept pretty busy. This method works well, and provides the best possible protection for Bobby.

Sharon, as expedition manager, takes control of our accommodation, expenses, and looks after Bobby, making sure he is fed and hydrated whilst ensuring everything is running smoothly.

Bobby constantly expresses his appreciation for the level of care he has received, saying that he feels safe, which allows him to keep his mind on the trek. His aspirations of one day, climbing to the top of the world remain in check, and he has asked that he have the same team for all his future adventures.

Bobby’s journey is a massive undertaking, and there is a lot of work ahead for all of us. This level of specialised attention is rare, and a lot of planning and preparation goes into this. We still have a long way to go, but will continue to dedicate ourselves to giving Bobby the best possible chance of success.

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