• Allan Cohrs

Back in Namche

We decided to make our way directly from Pangboche to Namche, with an overnight stay in Khumjuma. We opted to disregard Ama Dablam Base Camp, after assessing Bobby’s feet. With the amount of walking he has done throughout the trip, his feet have taken a battering, and they now require constant treatment.

Despite his obvious pain, Bobby had to dig deep yesterday, with 7 hours of solid walking. He moved well, until we reached the Tengboche Hill, where he was required to descend over 700m down to the river. He couldn’t believe he had actually climbed up only 9 days earlier. His legs were pretty weak, and going downhill is definitely the area that causes him most concern. We all worked hard to keep him from falling and slipping on the loose rock and dust, and managed to get him to the river safely. Although he was struggling, and wanted to rest every 5 or so minutes, we kept moving, and he actually had a great time, treating the downhill like a comedy session, which kept us all quite amused.

Once we started the uphill, Bobby shifted gears, and worked hard. His approach to the climb was positive and he quickly knuckled down, focusing on what needed to be done.

We arrived at our destination just on dark, and the tea-house was a fitting reward for the day’s efforts. The food was fantastic, the rooms were warm, and the views of Ama Dablam some of the best in the Khumbu.

We now plan on spending a few days in Namche, working on some basic mountaineering skills and rock climbing. The weather has changed, and the days are clear again. We plan on making the most of our time at altitude to train, and refine areas that Bobby needs to work on.

Watching Bobby struggle, hurt and then triumph is awe inspiring. I can only imagine how frustrating it is, to attempt something simple like place your foot in a set position, only for the body to resist. He works hard, and is completely spent by the end of the day, from both physical exertion, and the mental concentration needed to get through the challenge.

We also feel pretty tired, having to watch his every step, and be ready to respond and keep him protected, which happens at constant but unpredictable times. You cannot afford miss anything, as a slip in a precarious position could result in serious injury.

Anyhow, time for a shower, then down to Cafe de 8848 for some blueberry cheese cake and a latte.

Bye for now,


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