• Allan Cohrs

Hanging Out On The Rock

With a scheduled rest day in Namche, we trekked up the hills leading to some rock climbing areas at the top of the village. It was a clear day, and the views across the valley were stunning.

We set up on a 10m pitch at about 3700m, and Bobby worked hard, determined to reach the top, which he eventually achieved. Everyone had a ball, with Jangbu helping out on the rock, Wang Da and Sharon on the belay, Anggelu the official safety officer, and me perched on a small ledge filming and taking photos.

I am quite sure that no one with Bobby’s condition has ever rock climbed at this altitude, and it took all his effort and concentration to scale the rock. We all guided him on the way up, letting him know where the foot holds were, and when to bring in his training and drive with his legs.

Bobby was on a high afterwards, letting go with his Albanian call, and we headed back down for coffee and cake.

Today we make our way down, aiming to reach Phakding for the night. Only two nights left in the mountains, and we are already looking forward to being back in September.

Anu, who owns Himalayan Lodge in Namche, presented Sharon and I with a pair of Tibetan carpets, which are truly magnificent. They will take pride of place in our unit. His hospitality once again has been tremendous, and we have already booked our rooms for later in the year. Thanks Anu, you are a wonderful man and good friend. Also, a sincere thank you to Doma Sherpa and Bikash.

Before leaving, Bobby carried out a beautiful gesture, helping out a local family who is doing it tough. I will talk more about this tomorrow.

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