• Allan Cohrs

Flying Out

After a few long days, we finally made it back to Lukla, ready to head back down to Kathmandu. It has been a memorable trip, and a great training run for Bobby. He has been walking for 18 days, and even set a few records along the way, including standing on top of the summit of Kala Patthar.

It has been a new experience for us all, having to dedicate our complete time to Bobby, including before, after and during the trek. He is strong, dedicated and purposeful, ready to take on his new, more rigorous training program for September.

As I type, we are having our last breakfast in the mountains. I think Bobby is quietly looking forward to getting back to a lower altitude and a few creature comforts, whilst the team will also enjoy some down time.

It’s been an amazing journey, and one we will all remember and cherish for a long time. There have been some inspirational moments, including many of Bobby’s wonderful acts of kindness.

On our last day in Namche, Bobby found out that a young girl from a nearby village had been diagnosed with a suspected brain tumour and had been flown to a hospital in West Nepal for surgery. Her father had travelled with her, whilst her mother remained in Namche, as they could not afford the expense. The residents of the village had rallied around to raise some money, but more was needed. Bobby met with her mother and also her carer, Lama Kaji from the Red Cross Society, presenting the family with $200, and the intention of forming a foundation to support the family in the future. It was a truly moving moment, you could see the pain in a mothers face, not being beside her daughter during such a traumatic and uncertain time. Bobby’s generosity and recognition of this situation were heartfelt, genuine and greatly appreciated.

Anyhow, we will touch base again soon.


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