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Chilling Out In Kathmandu

We have all been relaxing for a few days in the craziness of Kathmandu. With shopping, sightseeing, eating and catching up with friends, the days are rolling by quickly. I love being in this place, for through all the chaos and disorder, it just works. You can sit in any coffee shop or restaurant, and between reading a few pages of your book, or simply watching the vast mix of colours, characters, touts and peculiar sights, you quickly immerse yourself in the surroundings, seemingly without a care in the world.

A few days ago, we had dinner with Sumit, Yangdu, Sabita and the Sherpa team, overlooking the Boudhanath Stupa, with an amazing full moon dominating the background. People were out in their thousands celebrating Buddha’s birthday, and I think the huge crowds and noise may have been a bit overwhelming for Bobby.

We have another dinner planned this evening, at the Yak and Yeti Restaurant, to say farewell to the guys until September. Bobby is heading out for some rock climbing with Anggelu and Jangbu today, followed by a visit to the hospital and then meeting Ankaji’s family, to make an offering to his six children.

Sharon and I are heading out for some last minute shopping, sourcing some Everest One merchandise and also sorting out a few bits and pieces for the September climbs.

Sumit has been incredible, helping to ensure that this trip has been run with the utmost professionalism. Neither of us had not put together an expedition like what we have created for Bobby before, and from the onset, understood that careful contingency planning was imperative. The use of logistics including an expert Sherpa team, flexible timelines and considered management, were paramount to having any success. This formula has been superb, and focusing on Bobby’s safety has been our primary objective. The trip has been labour intensive, both mentally and physically, with care given to Bobby before, during and after each day of trekking. The consideration and commitment provided by the boys has been exemplary, with patience and flexibility attributes needed by each member.

I plan on posting a summary of the trip once we have left Kathmandu, highlighting a few of the memorable moments, funny times and great achievements.

Until then, bye for now.


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