• Allan Cohrs

Cancer Fundraiser

Sharon and I recently had the honour of speaking at the Couch fundraiser, where excitingly, a considerable sum of money was raised, with funds going toward the construction of the new health and wellbeing centre in Cairns.

It was a great turn-out and we met some wonderful people. Once again, our story was well received with some incredible responses and feedback, whilst the opportunity to chat with the audience afterwards makes it even more special. Our history is unique and powerful, and although the journey has not always been easy, with many dark days, the lows have been overshadowed by incredible highs. For me though, each and every time I am given the chance to stand beside Sharon on stage, and listen to her speak, I feel so proud, and appreciate her remarkable strength and inner-drive.

Having the opportunity to impart some of the experiences and personal stories I have acquired along the way gives me enormous satisfaction, and I never take for granted what an honour it is. Talking about something you love, along with an experience that heavily impacted on both our lives is something we enjoy sharing, and hope our messages resonate and touch our audience.

Meeting Courtney Atkinson, a world champion, Olympian and all round nice guy was a real highlight, and he was more than happy to get on stage and don the down suit and climbing equipment we brought along. He was such a great sport, and was blown away by the bulkiness and how difficult it must be to climb whilst wearing so much equipment.

To have someone like Courtney get on stage, and acknowledge and praise our achievements was quite humbling, particularly coming from someone so well respected and at the pinnacle of his sport.

We both love mixing with such positive and impressive people and it really drives us to continue with our pursuits, to keep climbing, guiding and sharing our story with others.

Thanks to Michael, Charlie, Pip and Juanita for making us feel so welcome and inviting us to be a part of such a great event. Well done guys.

Chat soon,


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