• Allan Cohrs

Mt Barney

Last weekend we made the journey out to Mt Barney. Arriving at the camp ground of Mt Barney Lodge, just 2 hours south-west of Brisbane, I could not believe we had never been here before. Taking up with our fellow campers and good friends, Pete and Simone, we unpacked the few bits of camping gear we could scrounge together, given most of our equipment is either in Nepal or locked up in a Cairns shed. We found one single mattress, a yoga mat, a two man summer tent and our -40C sleeping bags.

Despite our lack of equipment, we were really excited and in complete awe of what we saw. After months of describing its beauty, Pete finally succeeded in enticing us out, and I am glad he persevered. As the sun went down, the mountain dominated the skyline, and being the 2nd highest mountain in South East Queensland, we were really excited about the climb early the next morning.

We chose the moderate South East route, and set off early facing a near perfect day, nice cool weather and no clouds. I was surprised how the rock formations just opened up and set a natural course, despite no obvious route as you inspected it from the lower reaches. There were nice steep sections, some great exposure and nice clean climbing, requiring full concentration. We moved at a nice easy pace, with Pete guiding the way, and finally reached the top to take in breathtaking 360 degree views.

There is something special about savoring a cold beverage after a long days climbing, and returning to the picture perfect camp grounds, it was certainly one of those occasions. As the temperature dropped, we enjoyed another rustic meal, and then stoked the fire and settled in for another screening of bush television (staring at our campfire), a few tunes on the guitar and some funny stories. This is definitely one of my favourite mini adventures, so much so that we have already booked a return climb later this month with our mate Marty when she flies up from Melbourne!

Thanks Simone and Pete, loved every minute of it.



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