• Allan Cohrs

K2 Summit Bid

Yesterday our buddy Chris, and climbing partners Lakpa Sherpa and Tshering Sherpa departed K2 Base Camp on their push for the summit. They have a lot of hard work ahead of them, as they gradually work their way up the mountain. With 4 days of strenuous climbing ahead, they hope to be crawling out from their Camp 4 tents in the bitterly cold darkness on the night of the 25th, with one clear objective in mind, to push for the summit.

K2 is also known as the ‘Savage Mountain’, due to its severe weather conditions, avalanche risk, difficult ascent and high fatality rate.

To be honest, Sharon and I feel a high degree of trepidation, knowing the history of the mountain and the dangers associated with climbing K2. We had planned to be part of this expedition team, but due to personal reasons, decided to opt out. A part of me now wishes I was there, particularly knowing how strong and experienced the guys are, but that is very easy to say from the comfort of my lounge chair. I take comfort in knowing that Chris, who is a phenomenally strong climber, is in the company of the best possible team. Sharon and I wish all of the team a safe and clear passage on the mountain. There will be a few anxious and sleepless nights in the Cohrs household, but I am confident they will meet their goals.

Bring on the summit.

Chat soon,


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