• Allan Cohrs

The Training Starts

Having had a couple of weeks rest after the half-marathon, Sharon and I are full steam ahead into our training for Mera Peak. We are now focused on building up our overall strength, whilst continuing to increase our endurance intensity. We have also committed ourselves to a few climbs, with Mt Barney scheduled for this weekend.

It is now 80 sleeps until we are back in Nepal, and we have a great group both keen and eager to commence the stunning trek to Mera Peak Base Camp, via the quiet and remote Hinku Valley. This is some of the finest trekking in the region, with the added bonus of attempting the highest trekking peak in Nepal at 6476m. This is the perfect place to experience the climb of a majestic Himalayan peak, without any technical difficulties. Sharon and I have a deep sentimental attachment with Mera, as it was our first significant climb.

We are excited to announce that we have three spots available for next Mera journey, so if you are keen for an unforgettable adventure and great personal accomplishment (or know someone who may be interested) this is an exceptional opportunity. We have already scheduled ourselves into this climb, along with our most experienced Everest climber team, and an excellent support team of experienced high altitude Sherpas.

To find our more contact mail@everestone.com.au and we will call you to discuss details and provide more information.

Chat soon,


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