• Allan Cohrs

Busy Times

Sharon and I have been flat out, traveling back and forth most weeks between Brisbane and Sydney, working on a few exciting projects, which we hope to release in the next month or so.

On top of that, we have had the opportunity to speak with students around Australia, spanning from Sydney to the Whitsundays. We have spoken in all-girls, all-boys and co-ed schools, speaking not only in auditoriums but having the pleasure of attending leadership camps and formal evenings. Without doubt, we get a great deal of satisfaction speaking with our future leaders, ensuring we incorporate educational, relevant content, delivering key messages through storytelling and real life experiences. No matter where we go, we are fortunate that our journey resonates with the audience and the feedback has been phenomenal.

It is not long now until we leave for another great Himalayan adventure. Mera Peak beckons, and the team are biting at the bit to get going. Everyone has been training hard, including us, and eager to get up into the mountains. Sharon and I have been spending a lot of time up at Mt Cootha, slugging away on the steep Kokoda trail. This is the ultimate form of training, it is tough, steep and gets you out of your comfort zone, particularly when you repeat it over and over. Along with running and interval training at Function Well, we have really enjoyed the lead in.

We have even given away coffee, alcohol and dairy for the past two weeks, which was a big challenge for me. Those caffeine headaches in the first few days were not fun, but we certainly have more energy now. It is not easy when you walk past a buzzing coffee shop, smelling that beautiful coffee aroma, or watch people sharing a few drinks on a Friday afternoon, but it is a small sacrifice.

There is no doubt that climbing and trekking takes a great deal of commitment and effort, but it also gives you a purpose, something to aim for, which in this case is the privilege of standing on top of the highest trekking peak in Nepal. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

We will be blogging throughout the trip so make sure you check out our progress. Exciting stuff.



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