• Allan Cohrs

Goodbye Bangkok...Hello Kathmandu!

We’ve had a great few days in Bangers, training, attending a few meetings, catching up with friends, and not to mention the odd massage or two.

For us the highlight is always the food, and we have stuck to purely local cuisine. Thinking we were doing pretty good with the spice, we decided to ramp things up the other night, and Sharon ordered three dishes, requesting extra spice. We both started out alright, but the heat just kept getting stronger, as we pushed through the meal. I had sweat running down my forehead, and Sharon had this strange look of pain on her face, with her tongue sticking out and eyes fixed in a crazy stare. Not our drinks nor the cabbage leaves had any effect in dousing the fire and even the plain rice was painful to eat. Despite the obvious discomfort we were laughing out loud, and I said to Sharon we had to finish, no matter what, knowing that the cooks would be watching and taking in the great entertainment from our ill-prepared bravado.

Today is a completely different change of pace, with the craziness of Kathmandu looming. Not too much is planned for the day, apart from packing our climbing gear which has been stored at the Himalayan Ascent office, sorting out the final logistics, and then waiting for the group to arrive before embarking on another journey into the hills.

Speak soon



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