• Allan Cohrs

Ready to get going

Everyone arrived safe and well in Kathmandu. The last day or so has been fairly hectic getting everything sorted along with final gear purchases. We had a great last dinner on the Hotel Tibet roof-top terrace which is a great place to chill out. The hospitality has been incredible again, and Tsering and the team have been outstanding.

We have a 4.45am wake up tomorrow, with an early flight scheduled for Lukla. The weather was a bit ordinary today, with sporadic rainfall and clouds shrouding Kathmandu, due to the recent cyclone in India. We are hoping for clear skies so we can get away on schedule, as passing time in the airport is not the best way to spend a day.

Being back in Kathmandu is an absolute pleasure, and we have managed to run into heaps of great people. We had dinner with Chris and Lakpa, after there recent Cho Oyu success, had a few drinks with Simon Yates, caught up briefly with Soren Kruse-Ledet who was on Everest with us, and met up with Satish and Jangbu Sherpa, who we have been climbing with for many years.

Sumit, our partner in Nepal, has arranged all the on-ground and mountain logistics and everything has moved forward like clockwork. We are fortunate to be able to work with such a professional, knowing that everything is taken care of when we arrive.

Everyone is in good spirits and eager to get going. We have a great support team, including Anggelu Sherpa who has summited Everest 5 times and Mingma Sherpa, with 3 summits. Now is the time when all the training and hard work come into play. We have a great team, everyone is getting on amazingly, and we are looking forward to a great trek and climb.

Communication will be difficult once we cross the Zatra La and enter the Hinku valley. We will be relying on satellite phone updates so they will be short and sweet.

Hi to everyone at home.

Speak soon


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