• Allan Cohrs

Goodbye Dendi Sherpa

A few days ago we received the devastating news that our friend and climbing partner Dendi Sherpa had been struck by falling ice during his summit bid on Ama Dablam, resulting in his tragic death.

Dendi (Long man) was a gentle, quiet soul, who loved climbing and helping others in their mountaineering pursuits. He had been with us on Everest and other climbs and always made us feel safe. He had climbed with our mate Raul, and together they both shared one hour on the summit of Everest, taking extraordinary images from the roof of the world.

Dendi was a pivotal, experienced team member, but more-so special part of the Himalayan Ascent family, and his loss is being felt by so many at this time.

On a personal level, I had just sat with Dendi a few weeks ago, chatting and laughing before we headed off for Mera Peak. He wore his trademark beaming gold-tooth smile and told me how excited he was about another climb of Ama Dablam.

Dendi was a legendary, strong climber and along with Lakpa, had performed a high altitude rescue of a climber suffering from HACE at the south summit of Mt Everest (8770m), successfully lowering him to safety. This is a true testament to his strength and commitment and further evidence of what a great man he was; a man who prided himself on his work and the impeccable manner in which he took care of those around him, despite the conditions.

Sharon and I, along with many others, are struck by the sad news of Dendi’s death, and wish to pass our sincere condolences and respect onto his family and friends.

Om mani padme hum

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