• Allan Cohrs

When time matters!

Heading on up!

The team arrived to Kote in good time and they all had a well deserved evening of rest before their walk to Tagnag the following day.

From here the trail gains altitude into lower and then higher alpine environments.

Once in Tagnag they stick around for two nights, as this is another acclimatization stop (4250m) where it is important for them to make adjustment to the altitude.

Of course a rest day usually incorporates an acclimatization walk and so they ventured up to 4700m on one of the many higher ridges that surround the village of Tagnag.

The views of the valley’s surrounding peaks (Kusumkhang, Kyashar and Mera West face) are truly spectacular. Now you realize how small you are in the presence of such immense mountains.

After having sat up on the ridge for an hour or so, they headed back down to the tea house and spent the afternoon reading, watching DVD’s, eating chocolate, drinking lots of tea and giving those body's some well earned R&R.

Everyone is going great guns and feeling super.

Tomorrow they will wake early and head up to Khare/Mera base camp (4900m). It is now getting exciting for everyone as the scenery distinctly changes to that of high alpine terrain, rocky trails, scree slopes and no vegetation.... we’re entering the playground of mountaineers and trekking to the base slopes of the mountain.

They will see Mera on the way to Khare and perhaps begin feeling both anxious and excited, because in the next few days they will have to call on all their physical and mental strength in order to reach the summit of Mera Peak!

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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