• Allan Cohrs

Word on the street…Mmm.. Mountain!

The team arrived into Khare last night and are all feeling great.

Khare (4900m) lies at the base of the Mera La and from here on it is just ice, ice and more ice under foot. Everyone can see what lays ahead from their tents in Khare and this is when they need to gather all their mental and physical strength, because they can see their goal in the distance. It seems so far ahead, but it is only a couple of days away. The summit!!!

Rest is the team’s favourite word and they will spend the day at base camp acclimatising and practicing their rope and crampon skills. Everyone will be checking and double checking their equipment before they prepare for the summit push.

Nerves need to be contained and now will focus on taking each stage as it comes. Tomorrow is the day that they will head off nice and early, ice axes attached to their packs and crampons strapped to their feet as they head towards the Mera La. They will continue along the glacier until they reach camp at 5350m. Hot tea and a comfortable tent will be awaiting them.

Camp is located just south off the pass tucked away from strong winds and away from dangerous crevasses that are nearby.

Now it is getting really exciting!!!

You have 3 choices in life:

Give up, Give in, or

Give it your all. - Unknowm

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