• Allan Cohrs

It's crunch time!

Received a call from Allan, and everyone arrived at Mera La pass camp (5350m) in amazing time yesterday. The weather has been great!

The group had their first night sleeping on the La, and at this altitude their expectations of what lies ahead can interrupt sleep! At least they were all warm and snug in their ultra warm sleeping bags and comfy tents..

Everyone is in high spirits and sends love to all their family and friends.

Sue wished to pass a message onto Suzanne: “Don’t over feed the cat”! Did I mention that at altitude you could say and do some strange things? This is a great example.

Today they started on the long and seemingly endless walk up to High Camp (5800m). You can see so far ahead that it can create mental blocks. Progress is always slow and with many large crevasses to avoid it can become overwhelming.

Everyone needs to stay focused and break this part of the trek down into stages. They’ll have a lot of rest breaks while keeping a continuous slow pace for the next 4 hours. Before they know it, though, High Camp will be right there!

The camp is situated near a rock outcrop that has stunning views of Nepal’s mountain giants. This location offers protection from winds, surrounding crevasses and other elements that Mother Nature may throw their way.

Tonight is the night to prepare for tomorrow’s summit bid, No doubt they will be eating lots of comfort foods like chocolate and rehydrating themselves as they will head off around 1.00am in the morning.

Good luck, guys, I know you can do it!

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top. ​- Unknown

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