• Allan Cohrs

Party time in Lukla!

Everyone has made the journey back down retracing their steps to Lukla.

Big last few days for them to go from the summit, drop back to Khare, then onto Kote.

They would then rise early to head from Kote to Thuli Khaka. These are long days for everyone but alot faster as they are now fully acclimatised and have a bit more spring in their step.

Yesterday they headed up and up and up which probably felt like another summit bid as they headed over the Zatra La, and then it was downhill (well kind of) all the way back to Lukla...for showers, beer and an end of expedition celebration dinner!

Tonight they will say farewell to their trusted hard working porters, and hand them gifts of thanks in appreciation for support and efforts.

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin! - Anthony Robbins

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