Mountain Bound

April 25, 2014

It’s been a busy day running around, sorting out equipment, communications and incidentals, whilst not complicated consume so much time. Bobby had a lie in while we worked our way around Kathmandu, giving him strict orders to stay within the hotel. The conditions in the city are pretty hazy, with high pollution and dust, so getting Bobby into the mountains feeling as healthy as possible is our priority.


When we returned, Bobby had a captive audience in the dining room, and was shooting the breeze with Tsering, the owner of Hotel Tibet and her family. Tsering is a lovely, caring Sherpa lady who shared dinner and conversation with us last night. She has really warmed to Bobby, and taken a real interest in the path his life has taken.


This afternoon, we headed up to the Hotel terrace, which is one of my favourite places in Kathmandu. We have been staying at Hotel Tibet now for many years, and I love the simplicity, authenticity and warmth of the staff.


As I sat down, talking to an American climber who had just returned from the mountains, Tsering called me over as she wanted to discuss something in private. At the end of our conversation I was overwhelmed and gave her a big hug. She then went over and asked Bobby if he would be happy for Hotel Tibet, to help him on his next climb in Nepal, by providing him with his accommodation and food. Bobby was blown away, and accepted with one condition; that he be given the same room he is in now. Everyone laughed.


There is something truly remarkable about Nepal, and I always feel a sense of belonging and contentment. The daily stresses we all deal with seem to vanish, and life becomes simple. For Sharon and I, this is where we were meant to be.


Anyhow, we are all ready, packed up and eager to get back up into the mountains.


Touch base next when we are in Lukla.





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