Upper Dolpo and Lower Mustang Trek

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Trip Dates:

21 April - 18 May 2015, 6 October - 2 November 2015


Trip Price:

$7,500 + GST AUD per person


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Trip Route:

Circuit of Upper Dolpo and Lower Mustang

The Himalayas offer an endless variety of landscapes, cultures and people. This unbounded diversity means it is a destination you can visit over and over again. Upper Dolpo is difficult to reach and is very arid. Few people live in the harsh climate. They are farmers, traders and shepherds, often all in one because this is the only way to survive. We pass through a great variation of scenery between Dolpo and Mustang, rice and wheat fields, incredible mountains and a high altitude desert, all in the rain shadow of the Himalaya. This variation makes this trek very interesting. Foreigners have ‘discovered’ Dolpo only recently. Peter Matthiessen was one of the first to document the region in his book, “The Snow Leopard”, which describes his journey searching for the elusive snow leopard and rare Himalayan blue sheep. Even after the opening for tourism 17 years ago it remains relatively untouched. It is still a restricted area and high permit fees keep away many tourists. The costs are increased further by the lack of infrastructure so the trail has to supported by serviced camps.


Our Route starts at Juphal in Lower Dolpo. After walking some days in dense forests we will reach Ringmo. The village lies amidst lush fields near the beautiful Phoksundo lake. From there we continue northwards along the lake, after crossing the first high pass the scenery changes all of a sudden, and we are in Inner Dolpo. A horseshoe of high mountains encloses the area, endless barren hills and ranges dominate the landscape. We continue north towards Nishal and Mushi Gaun, these village lies just 3 kilometers away from the Tibetan border. Once we cross Musi La we start our decent towards Chhraka Bhot. Where we will find wide golden barley fields instead of desolate deserts. From here we trek to reach Jomsom, possibly the most difficult part of the journey. Apart from two villages, the area is uninhabited and wild, often trails are non-existent, bridges may be absent and campsites not easy to find.



This is a camping based trek. Trekking and camping experience is advised; Dolpo is a remote region with minimal facilities available on the trail. Good fitness is essential as most days will involve 4-8 hr of trekking carrying a 10 kg day pack. The trail is non technical but will cross 5 passes above 5000m.



  • Road less travelled trails into remote untouched Dolpo

  • Stunning high pass crossing above 5000m

  • Rain shadow high altitude desert

  • Ancient nomadic Tibetan culture

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Arrive in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu

Fly to Nepalgunj, stay in Nepalgunj

Fly to Juphal, trek to Dunai

Trek Dunai to Chhepka

Trek Chhepka to Sanduwa

Trek Sanduwa to Ringmo

Rest in Ringmo

Trek Ringmo to Chunemba

Trek Chunemba to Lar Tsa

Trek Lar Tsa to Mendok Ding

Trek Mendok Ding to Shey

Rest in Shey

Trek Shey to Namgung

Trek Namgung to Nishal

Trek Nishal to Musi La base camp

Trek Musi La base camp to Panzang Chu river camp

Trek Panzang Chu river camp to Charka Phedi

Trek Charka Phedi to Chharka Bhot

Rest day in Chharka Bhot

Trek Chharka Bhot to Norbulung

Trek Norbulung to Rose garden camp

Trek Rose garden camp to Dhagarjun

Trek Dhagarjun to Jomson

Fly Jomsom to Pokhara, stay in Pokhara

Fly Pokhara to Kathmandu, stay in Kathmandu

In Kathmandu

Depart Kathmandu

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