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Camping on the banks of Lake Myrtle on the Walls of Jerusalem trek, Tasmania with Everest One
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The Walls of Jerusalem takes you on a spectacular journey through Tasmania's one true alpine National Park. 

Our unique itinerary, designed for experienced walkers, is a 6 day fully guided trek, only accessible by foot.

The Walls of Jerusalem trek starts off in the south of the National Park, and gives trekkers the opportunity to escape the crowds, as we sleep for the first 3 nights in remote, grassy campsites located directly beside alpine lakes.

The terrain across the first 4 days varies as we travel through remote alpine herb fields, moss and highland lakes showcasing majestic mountain scenery, pristine wilderness, and rare and wonderful endemic flora and fauna.

You have the chance to climb Mt Ragoona on the 2nd day, where you can take in the stunning views over the southern wilderness of the famous Overland Track, including Cradle Mountain and Mt Ossa along with the headwaters of the Mersey River.

If you are feeling brave, there is truly no better way to freshen up and feel invigorated with an afternoon swim, submerging into the pristine, cold waters of Lake Myrtle, Lake Adelaide and Lake Meston.

As we trek into the area within the northern confines of the park we will set ourselves up for 2 nights on timber platforms at Wild Dog Creek, which will become our base camp.


We venture out with only daypacks to explore the surrounding peaks and valleys of the majestical Central Walls region.

This is an amazing way to end our trip, giving you the option to summit King Davids Peak (1499m), Tasmania's 10th highest, as well as walks up Mt Jerusalem and The Temple.

Everest One will provide you with food, equipment, expert guidance and transport, allowing you to focus on undertaking a challenging trek and making the most of the unique and unforgettable walking opportunities in the Walls of Jerusalem National Park.


Trip Dates:
Dates to be advised for 2023

Trip Price: AU$2750

Duration: 8 Days

Grade: Moderate

Trekkers on the Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania with Everest One
Technical Grading

Country: Australia

Location: Walls of Jerusalem, Tasmania

Days: 8 days (6 days trekking)


Grade: Moderate

Highest Altitude: King Davids Peak (1499m)

Experience: Nil required

Visa Requirement: Not required

Vaccinations: Consult GP / Travel doctor

Travel Insurance: Essential


Trekking at a comfortable pace through Tasmania's one true alpine national park


Remote camping

Sleeping under the stars 

Forgetting about  technology and reconnecting with yourself and nature

Taking in the views of the mountains and feeling in awe of the incredible  scenery

Camping beside and swimming in pristine alpine lakes

Entering the majestic Walls of Jerusalem and climbing a variety of peaks

Basic Itinerary

(Full details in brochure)

Day 1    Arrive Launceston
Day 2    Transfer Launceston to Lake Rowallen,
              walk to Lake Myrtle
Day 3    Walk Lake Myrtle to Lake Meston
Day 4    Lake Meston to Lake Adelaide
Day 5    Lake Adelaide to Wild Dog Creek
Day 6    Central Walls of Jerusalem
Day 7    Walls of Jerusalem National Park,
              return to Launceston
Day 8    Depart Launceston

Mt Jerusalem on the Walls of Jerusalem trek in Tasmania with Everest One
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