workout of the week

Each week we will be adding a challenging workout to include in your exercise regime, provided by either of our trainers Ken Dalton or Darren Bain.


These workouts are bound to get the heart racing, so if you are looking to test yourself, feel free to give them a go.  Often they are just a finisher to add a sting in the tail of your workout.


You can be assured we will also be doing these workouts and posting our performance each week.


Have fun.



This is great little workout if you don't have any equipment.


All you need is a skipping rope and a clear area.


There are quite a few reps for each exercise and you can do a few, move to another exercise,  just keep a tally for each exercise until you reach the target.  


If you are new to skipping, you can lower the number to 500, or for a challenge, try and complete all the skipping at the start.


We did this yesterday and it took around 40 minutes to finish.




1000 skips


100 push-ups


100 crunches (or your preferred ab workout)


100 squat jumps


100 dips



Finish with 4 sets of 30 second wall squats.