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Everest Base Camp trekkers with Everest One
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Trekking to Aconcagua Base Camp

The Everest One team have been delivering expert mountain guiding, expedition support and trekking services to guests from around the world for over a decade.

We started out in Nepal, climbing the most incredible peaks, including Mt Everest and eventually shaped these experiences into trips designed for adventurers who were seeking a challenge but also looking for a company they could trust, who delivered professionalism, comfort, safety and success time after time.

Our approach extends beyond your chosen trip and we are dedicated to helping you prepare, plan and arrive at your intended adventure destination feeling invigorated, relaxed and empowered.

We focus not only on your safety, with the support of our handpicked team of guides and quality inclusions but also on your comfort levels.

It is a serious responsibility and honour to take care of our clients and we respect that bond. 


We understand how important it is for you to feel relaxed and confident with the team around you, which ultimately improves your chance of success.

This formula has worked and our success rates are some of the highest in the industry, backed up by our exemplary safety record, along with both repeat and new clients.

Everest One adventure company climbing team

Everest One is owned and operated by Allan Cohrs BM, who first discovered a love of the mountains almost 20 years ago, as a participant on an introductory climb in Nepal.


Since then, he was hooked and worked on fine-tuning his skills and knowledge, improving his fitness, and tackling challenging climbs, in the ultimate pursuit to establish himself as an accomplished mountaineer and guide.

In 2011, after dedicating 24 years of his life to law enforcement, often surrounded by confronting, dangerous and tragic situations, Allan finally made the transition from law man to mountain man.


"This was the best decision I ever made. I could feel myself falling deeper into a dark hole, a place where my future looked bleak and I needed to find a way out.  The mountains gave me back my life. I love the challenge of spending weeks, sometimes months battling the elements, planning, pushing myself to the extreme, getting outside of my comfort zone and finding out what I am made of."  


"Making it to the summit of any mountain is always a bonus, one which I have been fortunate to have experienced countless times, but more importantly, it was what I discovered along the way that taught me valuable lessons in life. We are all capable of so much more, we just need to believe in ourselves and tap into that mental strength we all have."

Following his dreams, Allan has never looked back and together with a remarkable team of experienced guides, has led trips to all corners of the globe with many notable high altitude climbs in the Himalayas including Mt Everest (8850m), Lhotse (8516m), Cho Oyu (8200m), Baruntse (7129m) and Ama Dablam (6812m).

Allan also takes great pride in leading trips which give adventurers the opportunity to experience a taste of mountaineering life, guiding climbs on introductory peaks including Mera Peak (6476m), Lobuche East (6119m) and Island Peak (6189m), along with 13 summits of Mt Kilimanjaro (5895m), the highest freestanding mountain in the world and a number of successful climbs of Aconcagua (6960m), the highest mountain in South America.

"We also take trekkers on a unique hike into Everest Base Camp (EBC), where we get off the main trail, staying with our Sherpa family hosts in Phortse. We are one of a few providers who actually stay in Base Camp during the Spring climbing season, sleeping on the glacier for two nights in tents, sharing our expedition partner facilities. This is an opportunity very few people experience, and one we are proud to offer.  EBC was the first trip we led in Nepal, and we are known in all the villages we travel through, having used the same tea houses, chosen for their quality and hygiene, for many years."

Everest One also guide on iconic Australian adventures, including the Overland Track and Walls of Jerusalem in Tasmania and the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory, ranked in the Top 10 walks of the world.


And if you are after true luxury, don’t forget Morocco, where you can experience a few days in the Atlas mountains, climbing Mt Toubkal, the highest peak in Northern Africa, before relaxing in style as you venture through the Sahara desert, staying in your own private camp, exploring vibrant ancient cities and staying in century old luxurious Riads, all whilst in the care and guidance of your own local chaperone.

"It's a big responsibility to take care of people in a wilderness environment, whether it's a short trek or an extended stay in the mountains. There are so many variables to consider and our team takes this very seriously. We leave no stone unturned, from monitoring each person's health to evaluating group performance, providing nutritious, hygienic food, high quality accommodation, proven itineraries, quality equipment and a level of guiding expertise that is difficult to match. Most of all, we make sure every trip is fun, unique, rewarding and personalised, which is probably the reason why most people keep coming back."


"For me there is no better feeling than seeing someone who has trained and dedicated so much time to pursue a dream, or taken on a challenge where they have been so far out of their comfort zone or even doubted themself; and succeeded. These are the things money cannot buy, the memories that will last forever."

Climber climbing on Mera Peak with adventure travel company Everest One


Each person who joins Everest One on an adventure is doing so for personal reasons.


Some are highly experienced and comfortable in the outdoors, whilst others are looking for a challenge or new discovery.

Whatever the reason, we ensure you are taken care of to the highest standards.


Our team are experts in managing clients performing outside of their comfort zone in a variety of surroundings, from pristine wilderness to harsh, challenging environments including high altitude conditions with cold weather and rugged terrain.


Being completely accustomed to this environment, Everest One take care of all your needs, from handling logistics, to making decisions and assessing risk, all the while focussing on your safety and well-being.


Our exemplary safety record and industry high success rates are proof of our commitment to every person who joins one of our adventures.


There is a real joy in reinforcing just how strong and resilient individuals can be with a positive mind and attitude, and we focus on building self-belief and confidence in our guests' own abilities.


It has taken years of hard work to forge close working relationship with some of the best and most highly experienced guides and local service providers around the world who have become an integral part of our team.

So what does this mean for you?

Most importantly, this ensures that we do not outsource our services.

Everyone who works with Everest One has done so for many years, and are committed to meeting all of your expectations.  You will quickly feel like you are part of the family and build life-long friendships.


The fact that many of our clients are repeat guests is a testament to our success.

Everest One guide Pasang Rinzee Sherpa


We started back in Nepal in 2011 and since then have grown to offer premium adventures in other countries including Tanzania, Morocco, Argentina and Australia.

We offer a comprehensive mix of treks, introductory climbs and climbing expeditions.

Our carefully planned trips are designed to give everyone, from the absolute novice to the seasoned climber, a chance at doing what they love in a safe and professional environment.

We understand that everyone has different aspirations and a particular way they like to do things.

Some people are comfortable travelling in groups, others prefer the company of friends or raising money for a cause whilst some want to experience the freedom of the hills alone.

We understand that the pursuit of adventure is individualistic, and does not fit into a 'one size fits all' category.

Some people want to get outside of their comfort zone and climb or trek in challenging conditions and discover something they never knew about themselves.

Others have a long-term plan, and want to develop and improve, step by step, until they are ready to take on their ultimate challenge.

And then there are those that just want to see the beauty our world has to offer in style and comfort.

You can choose to join one of our scheduled trips or if we offer something that excites you, but doesn't fall within your schedule, we can discuss your preferences and design the perfect trip for you.

From the moment you sign up, Everest One are with you all the way.

We want the journey to feel seamless, giving you sound advice on equipment, insurance and travel.

Whether you are happy to join a group, organise your own private team, or explore alone with an experienced guide and support team behind you, Everest One would be honoured for you to place your trust in us.

Everest Base Camp trekker with Everest One

Kylie Flynn

I flew into Nepal wanting to stand at the Base Camp flags. Three weeks later I flew out shedding tears after having fallen in love with the country, the culture and the people in it. This was all thanks to Allan and his team.


He introduced us to the most beautiful Nepalese people, and took us into their homes and villages. I sat at a tea house holding his friend’s beautiful little bubba as we sat and talked with the locals.


It’s moments like this that run so much deeper in my heart than ticking the box on a bucket list. We experienced something so much deeper than a ‘trek’. 


My journal the day I was leaving reads “without a doubt the most beautiful thing about Nepal isn’t her magnificent mountains, but instead, her beautiful people.”


Thank you Allan for connecting us to them both in such an amazing way. We can’t wait for next time.


Everyone in our team plan to go back again under his guide and I simply wouldn’t go back to Nepal without him.

Mera Peak summit with Everest One

Professor Jeff Dunn AO Australia

Think about this.  The spectacle of the Himalayas, the anticipation of a physical challenge and the spice and colour of the Nepalese culture.  Final ingredient for the adventure of a lifetime?  Everest One!


The best in class.  Without a doubt - the best!  Passionate about life, about making the most of opportunities and about recognising the potential in each and every person, they are terrific.  Skilled, professional and finely attuned to whatever goals a person might bring to the mountains. 


In my experience, whether a trek to base camp or a climb up Mera Peak, Everest One delivers “Adventure all the Way”! 


Do yourself a favour.

Approaching summit of Lhotse with Everest One

Raul Helander

I have travelled through Nepal, South America, Morocco and Tanzania with Everest One.

Allan has an amazing team of professional guides and support staff who treat you like family. 


With Everest One, I have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and I have climbed Mt Everest with Allan, who is a true professional.


He was my head guide on an expedition of Lhotse (8516m), the 4th highest mountain in the world. 

I will again be joining Everest One for a climb in 2022 of Manaslu (8216m), the 8th highest mountain located in Nepal


I would not trust anyone else.

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