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Everest One trekkers in the Khumbu Icefall, Everest Base Camp

When you book your next adventure with Everest One, you are guaranteed that your trip will be organised and led by a member of the Everest One team. We do not farm our work out to contractors and take a commission.

You will be dealing directly with a 
high-altitude expert guide along with local support staff who will ensure the quality of your trip.

We provide: 
  • unlimited 7 days a week support, advice and assistance throughout the lead-up to your trek or climb
  • travel advise including visa's, specialist travel insurance including mountaineering insurance
  • internal flights, accommodation, meals on the trek or climb, climbing permits, hire equipment provided


We keep our group sizes deliberately small which is a big part of our success. Taking this approach allows us to provide a much more personalised experience and focus on our client's safety and enjoyment. We are committed to a ratio of 1:2 guide to client on climbs and 1:3 on treks, ensuring that you are always fully supported and maximising chances of success in the mountains.  
Working in the mountains requires flexibility, taking into consideration the constant changes in the weather and conditions.  

Everest One have developed our own proven itineraries, allowing the most time to acclimatise.  Our groups are not hindered by rigid programs, allowing us to adjust accor
ding to the conditions. We work hard to ensure our clients have a great experience in these environments, with the locals and amongst each other.


Personalised service starts the moment you sign up with Everest One.  We are available for ongoing support, advice and to answer your questions 7 days a week. We are happy to provide specific training methods and programs, assistance with equipment, insurance and travel advice. We also share our industry discounts at a number of outdoor stores throughout Australia.

We regularly run information sessions with our groups, allowing people in the same city or area to come together, get to know each other and in some cases even train together before their trip.

At Everest One, we understand that our clients train hard and invest significant time and money into these adventures. That is why we engage in the highest level of safety practices and employ some of the most experienced high altitude guides from Nepal, Africa and South America.  

Our unmatched industry success rates do not come down to luck but more importantly, careful planning and expert knowledge of altitude and the mountains. Everest One has been involved in high altitude environments for the past 15 years and over that time, we have developed programs that work.

Before we started climbing in Africa, we researched our competitor's success rates and were alarmed at the low figures of trekkers summiting. Wanting to give our teams the best possible chances of success, we modified and created our own itineraries. Allowing more time and flexibility, we offer our groups the best chance to acclimatise and reach their goal. Your success is our success. 

We strongly believe that your enjoyment and relaxed nature is an important factor in succeeding in the mountains. Therefore, we aim to steer clear of the heavily congested trails and do not rush or set unrealistic time frames. Why spend all that money and time training to end up not enjoying the experience?

Everest One currently boast an industry unmatched success rate of 96% across all of our adventures.
Our guides in Nepal, Africa and South America are the best in the business.  Allan has handpicked the most experienced, fully accredited and personable guides from all corners of the globe. 

We also ensure you are travelling and learning from an experienced Western guide with an established climbing CV. Our guides have climbed 8000m peaks including Mt Everest and many other 6ooom and higher mountains in Nepal, Tibet, Africa and South America.

Whether you are trekking or climbing, your highly experienced guides will be there to support you every step of the way. Imparting our knowledge which includes a thorough understanding of altitude, how to best manage any symptoms, constant monitoring including regular oxygen saturation readings and fully stocked medical kits and oxygen. 

We build a solid relationship from the onset and want to ensure open communication so that we are able to manage any issues that may arise along the way. Most importantly, we celebrate with you when we reach our goal. 
Training is an important part of every adventurer's journey and we understand many of our clients may be venturing into the world of high altitude for the first time.

We make the transition seamless and receive regular feedback on how our clients not only enjoyed the climb or trek but also how amazing it was to have and follow a dedicated training regime where there is a definitive goal attached to it.

At Everest One, we know everyone is different and may prefer certain training methods over others.  That is why we like to talk with our clients one on one, work out what is best for them and then give specific advice and programs that will have them ready for their trip.

You will feel confident knowing that the people who have helped you from the onset will be there to share your adventure in the mountains.
Everest One understands the importance of giving back and protecting the communities and local people that allow us to have these incredible experiences.

We are heavily involved in providing sustainable income opportunities for locals. Generating greater economic benefits and enhancing the well-being of host communities, we ensure we set a higher standard of working conditions.

Implementing responsible practices by contributing to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, we employ 'Leave No Trace' principles. 

Working closely with Government bodies in a number of countries, we ensure the fair and equitable treatment of our locally engaged staff. We always provide safe conditions, superior equipment, fair wages, shelter and food for our team.  

One has been heavily involved in fundraising projects and humanitarian initiatives. Efforts have included raising significant funds during the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal where we were a major contributor to the purchase and distribution of shelter, food, water, specialist medical support and solar lighting to remote villages.
We are also supporters of Friends of the Himalayas, the Himalayan Trust and the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project.
At Everest One, we aim to provide a more enjoyable experience for tourists through meaningful connections with local people. You will leave your host country with a greater understanding of local cultural, social and environmental issues.
Views from Mera Peak Base Camp with Everest One
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