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Climbers celebrating on the summit of Lobuche East, Nepal with Everest One
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"I want every single person who goes on one of my tours to have an incredible experience. Each positive review and returning client is a true reward for me." 

Aconcagua climbers - Everest One

I have known Allan for over 30 years and I wouldn’t trust anyone else guide me and my family in the mountains.


Allan’s attention to detail, focus on safety and experience working at altitude are first class.


He knows exactly how to get the best out of his clients and when they need encouragement the most.


We would not have achieved successful summits of Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua without him.


I wouldn’t consider going with anyone else.


Can’t wait for our next adventure and challenge with Allan and Everest One.

Colin Briggs - Brisbane

I flew into Nepal wanting to stand at the Base Camp flags. Three weeks later I flew out shedding tears after having fallen in love with the country, the culture and the people in it. This was all thanks to Allan and his team.


From the moment we arrived at our hotel and met Al, we knew we were in the best hands. His big beaming smile, his genuine interest and care for those on his team as we sat around and chatted for hours made us feel instantly like we’d know him for years.


Al got to know each of us personally and helped us to achieve our goals. He quickly became a friend that we laughed until we cried with each night over a game of cards or a hilarious story. Al took us so much further than Base Camp.


He introduced us to the most beautiful Nepalese people, and took us into their homes and villages. I sat at a tea house holding his friend’s beautiful little bubba as we sat and talked with the locals.


We cried happy tears as we achieved our goals together and celebrated with a night of beers and dancing at the ‘Let’s Go, Lukla Disco’ on our return. It’s moments like this that run so much deeper in my heart than ticking the box on a bucket list. We experienced something so much deeper than a ‘trek’. 


Al humbly got alongside each of us. He encouraged and motivated us so positively along the way. His focus was always on the well-being and safety of his team. He was never rushing us, but instead purposefully stopped us to look up to enjoy the scenery - even pointing out rare musk deer in the forest.


Allan and his amazing team was what made our experience everything that it was. He’s such a top guy he even had a tribute song written for him by his groupies! 


My journal the day I was leaving reads “without a doubt the most beautiful thing about Nepal isn’t her magnificent mountains, but instead, her beautiful people.”


Thank you Allan for connecting us to them both in such an amazing way. We can’t wait for next time.


Everyone in our team plan to go back again under his guide and I simply wouldn’t go back to Nepal without him.

Kylie Flynn - Australia

Everest Base Camp trekker - Everest One
Climber on summit of Mt Kilimanjaro with Everest One

Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the proudest moments of my life. I had just turned 50 during the previous year, so to achieve a physical challenge like this was an amazing boost for my self confidence. 


As a public speaker, self confidence is your life blood. Confidence helps you to present your topic and build rapport with an audience.


Unfortunately, I had been hit by many personal challenges in a 5 year period, and in the process, there was a season where my confidence had reached rock bottom. I questioned my value as an individual and wondered what the future would look like. 


I’m happy to say now that I’ve never felt more empowered. I had the privilege of speaking at about 15 events directly after our climb and I have never enjoyed myself more. 


Thanks EverestOne for leading me on a successful climb and giving me an adventure I will always remember.


Peter Sewell - Germany 

I have travelled through Nepal, South America, Morocco and Tanzania with Everest One.

Allan has an amazing team of professional guides and support staff who treat you like family. 


With Everest One, I have reached the summit of Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua and I have climbed Mt Everest with Allan, who is a true professional.


He was also my head guide on a successful expedition of Lhotse (8516m), the 4th highest mountain in the world. 

I will again be joining Everest One for a climb of Manaslu (8216m), the 8th highest mountain located in Nepal.


I would not trust anyone else.

Raul Helander - Sweden

Climbers in Everest Base Camp with Everest One
Trekker on the Larapinta Trail in the Northern Territory with Everest One

What can I say….I absolutely love hiking with Allan, he is so inspirational! Definitely a quality you need when hiking long distances. Having Allan lead me on a couple of hikes now, I have always felt safe and well looked after, he’s there to help you achieve your goals, and love the journey getting there! What I enjoy most about hiking with EverestOne is the attention to detail, the planning and effort that Allan puts in, but still being flexible and making sure you get what you want out of a hike. I love to take photos….. of everything, our days were always well planned to be flexible enough to do that, enjoy things along the way, and reach our destination on time.


I find that safety is always of the utmost importance when Allan leads a group. Hiking up and down remote mountain sides can be exhilarating, but exhausting, Allan leads you at just the right pace to make sure you not only reach your target safely, but not overdo it either. His leadership in hiking also means you can push yourself for the challenge, but also take your time to slow down and enjoy the scenery.


I was told Central Australia ‘gets under your skin’, but I never imagined just how much I would fall in love with it. Hiking Larapinta with EverestOne will go down as one the highlights of my life. Tjoritja National Park absolutely ‘touched my soul’, the ancient, vast landscapes are just mesmerising, the wildlife is incredible, and those colours at sunrise, woah…..something I will never forget. And it wasn’t just Allan’s skills that made it so amazing, his flair for leading a hike meant I not only had times to myself for reflection, but also friendly banter, and sometimes laughed so much I cried! I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a brilliant time hiking….we won’t mention the ‘hiking karaoke’! Thanks Allan for giving me one of the best hikes I’ve ever done!

Sherri Tanner-McAllister - Brisbane

After deciding many months before departing on our trip of a lifetime I had to convince my husband to join me and ignore the " mocking" of my teenage children saying I would not make it!!! 


Well the training completed, bags packed and with great trepidation and excitement we set off. What an unbelievable 3 weeks followed. 


The organisation for the trek was outstanding. The days trekking were both rewarding and challenging and on a tough day, someone from the group would be there to spur you on. The stunning scenery was forever changing and to be surrounded by the snow-capped Himalayan mountains often bought tears to my eyes. The Nepalese people are also the most wonderful caring gentle people. 


Also, we had our 2 amazing nights sleeping in Everest Base camp. Everything was so organised- our bags always were waiting at tea houses, there was plenty of food and constant comforting cups of hot lemon, honey and ginger tea!!!!


My husband Tim was so glad he decided to come and my teenage children are now both very proud of us!! I would say if you are looking for a challenging adventurous holiday to enjoy an amazing country don't hesitate and follow your dreams. 


Heather and Tim Rogers - Cairns

Couple enjoying the views along the Everest Base Camp trek with Everest One
Tim and Heather
Climbers of the summit of Mera Peak, Nepal with Everest One

Awesome, unbelievable, life-changing ... These are the words that come to mind after having just returned from our 3rd trek in Nepal with our inspirational guides and their incredible team of Nepalese Sherpas and support staff. Standing on the top of a magnificent Himalayan mountain peak is something I will never forget but the true magic was in the genuine and unbridled excitement and joy expressed by Allan and the team on our successful summit. We felt part of something very special and unique. 


On each trip, we have been privileged to experience the fragile beauty of the Mountains, the strong and honourable Sherpas, cooks and porters, the extraordinarily happy and humble Nepalese people. Every team member is nurtured and cared for, encouraged and respected. No question is left unanswered and every minute detail is considered and organised. The food is amazing considering the harsh conditions in which it needs to be prepared. It's often the little things that make all the difference on these adventures and Everest One tick every box! Each day is challenging yet so rewarding and then there is the gut-busting laughter every night!


We took the first step with an email ... Now 3 years and 3 treks later, we have ongoing friendships and regular chats with our Sherpas, unbelievable photos, memories and experiences, a significantly improved level of fitness and an appreciation and respect for the Nepalese and their way of life. Our lives have been enriched immeasurably. 


Life is short - don't waste time waiting for opportunities. Take the first step and you will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. 


Karen Richardson - Brisbane


Awesome! Whilst wandering around East Africa I was fortunate enough to summit Kilimanjaro and trek to altitude for the first time with Everest One. I could not have imagined better mentors or asked for a better experience. We travelled, we danced, we were challenged, we had an amazing time, we made friends. Priceless.


Their humbleness, warmth and disarmingly positive outlook on life and it's challenges drew me to Nepal only a few months later, to venture with them again, this time to Everest Base Camp in the Khumbu Valley. We visited the tea houses, the monasteries, the wildflowers and witnessed the natural wonder of the world stand proudly in sky. There is a stillness one finds in the mountains that will call me back time and time again..”


Miki Patel - Brisbane

Resting in camp on the Mt Kilimanjaro climb

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Climber trekking to Mera Peak base camp, Nepal with Everest One

The experience I had as part of the trek to Everest base camp is one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.


Their organisation was exceptional and their attitude toward the party members was genuine and caring.  Allan’s knowledge of the local culture and the respect they have for the porters and Sherpas they employ is also something that needs to be acknowledged as this should also be a consideration when someone is considering to trek in either Nepal or Tanzania.


At no time on the trek did I feel anything but wonder and awe at my surroundings and that was because of the way I felt within the group.


Paul Gambi - Cairns


Think about this.  The spectacle of the Himalayas, the anticipation of a physical challenge and the spice and colour of the Nepalese culture.  Final ingredient for the adventure of a lifetime?  Everest One!


The best in class.  Without a doubt - the best!  Passionate about life, about making the most of opportunities and about recognising the potential in each and every person, they are terrific.  Skilled, professional and finely attuned to whatever goals a person might bring to the mountains. 


In my experience, whether a trek to base camp or a climb up Mera Peak, Everest One delivers “Adventure all the Way”! 


Do yourself a favour.


Professor Jeff Dunn AO - Brisbane



Climber on the summit of Mera Peak, Nepal with Everest One
Enjoying breakfast at the Mera La during the climb of Mera Peak, Nepal with Everest One

Wow, what a fantastic experience! I first met Al almost 10 years ago climbing 3 peaks around the Everest region as amateur climbers. Today they are fantastic, professional climbers and guides with a huge list of successful mountaineering accomplishments along with their talented and experienced team of Sherpas, Porters and Cooks. Therefore having the chance to be apart of the Mera Peak expedition was a great privilege and adventure.


Mera peak is a trek/climb that was not only physically challenging but a real eye-opener to how vast and spectacular the Himalayan region is. It’s a great way to test your high altitude skills and mental strength as you make your way up through the Hinku Valley. A trail less-trekked and more remote leaving you with spectacular views at times all to yourself.


What made this adventure so wonderful is the experience, expertise and organization of the Everest One Team. Everest One creates a well-planned and executed expedition suited to those with all levels of experience and sense of adventure. With you, 100% of the way and will whatever is within their means to get you up and down the mountain safely.

The Sherpa’s, porters and cooks are chosen personally to suit the trek and provide a great service with endless local knowledge. Not only are they some of the most friendly and caring people they also make the trek a lot of fun with their fun and individual personalities. 


Safety is a number one priority with Everest One but what follows is no shortage of good laughs and fun along the way.


Daniel Munnink - Germany


Summit morning on Mt Kilimanjaro was one of the most physically challenging experiences of my life. It was also perhaps one of the most rewarding. From the moment I landed in Tanzania Allan and Sharon made it clear that getting our group to the summit safely was their highest concern. Allan and Sharon, along with their team of local guides, looked after everything. Our gear was checked, and we were briefed on trekking at altitude. We were housed in warm and sturdy tents, fed tasty and nutritious food, and treated as a part of the team. The sense of camaraderie between the group was quite touching to see develop and helped get a few of us up the mountain. I couldn't imagine a better team to have stood with on the "Roof of Africa"! 

We were maybe 6 feet from the face of a lion. Its eyes were the most incredible thing I have ever seen. It's like they pierced straight into that part of your soul not even you know is there. I will never forget it.


I am already looking forward to climbing Mera Peak with Everest One next year.

Dr Kassandra Kuhlar - Central Coast

Climbers getting ready to climb Mera Peak in Nepal with Everest One

The trek to Everest Base camp was life changing for me. To be honest, I had never trekked before and my weekly exercise consisted of a couple of social walks with a friend finished off with a coffee or a wine depending on the time of day!  


Allan and Sharon supported, encouraged and mentored me in the lead up to the trip and were professional yet friendly and relaxed during the trek.  


It was everything they said and more.  


I can recommend Everest  One without hesitation for anyone wanting to trek with the best. 


Jenny Olholm - Cairns

Couple enjoying the views along the Everest Base Camp trek with Everest One
Climbers on the summit of Mera Peak, Nepal with Everest One

I climbed Mera Peak with Everest One, led by Allan Cohrs.


Lots of companies run Mera Peak climbs. What made me choose Everest One was its well-designed trip plan, value for money, strong mountaineering experience and Everest One’s long-standing relationship in Nepal.


Everest One’s trip plan for Mera Peak provides for gradual and achievable acclimatisation, which maximizes the chance of success for every participant.  Along the way, Allan kept us well briefed and gave us confidence in our ability to summit. It was easy to trust his judgement and expertise. And it was a heap of fun!


Although Everest One’s price was lower than other well-known companies, the quality was high: our Sherpa guides, kitchen crew and porters were first rate and well looked after.  Our logistics, food and tents were excellent and unexpected extras such as hot towels in the morning and before dinner and fresh brewed espresso’s were very much appreciated.


As our trip leader, Allan was very professional but with an easy-going, friendly and down to earth manner that helped to form us into a strong and united team.


I would certainly recommend Everest One.


Susan McCormick - Adelaide

Trekker resting above Namche Bazaar on the Everest Base Camp trek with Everest One

I’d been to Nepal before, and done a few hikes, self guided. I was keen to do Everest Base Camp, and was looking for some adventure and excitement, but didn’t want to go alone. 


Joining the Everest One team to do this hike was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. The level of knowledge, support, care and consideration for YOUR adventure was tremendous. Our small but diverse group allowed time and space for you to truly experience the mountains and all that they hold. 


The two nights I was able to spend experiencing life within the presence of climbers who dare venture to the peak was truly incredible. Being able to explore further and absorb all that Base camp has to offer is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When you hear the mountains calling you, there is no better trip to do than to experience all that Everest One have to offer.


Hollie Swanton - Cairns

If you want to know what sets Everest One apart it was made obvious to me on our last trip to Nepal to climb Mera Peak.  I noticed another group comprising around 15 Trekkers moving fairly quickly towards us. As they closed in I found myself thinking about what it would mean to be a part of that group. What if I couldn't keep up? Who would be with me if I couldn't? What if I had to over-exert just to stay up and what would that mean for my acclimatisation? And ultimately, what would my chances of a successful climb be? 


And that's when it struck home about the difference it makes being with Everest One. As much as we were a group, assessed us as individuals and planned accordingly to create, as much as possible, the conditions for success. They recognised there were several paces within the group and allocated Sherpas to each sub group. That way each had the opportunity to cover territory and acclimatise at a rate appropriate to we as individuals without pressure, and without impacting on the group as a whole. The result? 100% participant success in reaching the Mera summit. 


I know of no other company that goes to that level of personalisation which is one of the reasons this was our third trip with Everest One. And this dedication to the client is reflected in every aspect of the adventure. Allan and Sharon are just beautiful people, consummately professional, impeccable in planning and execution, incredibly flexible when needed, encouraging and caring. They do everything in their power to see their clients succeed. 


But almost as rewarding is how emotional they both become seeing their clients succeed. They really make you feel that you've achieved something incredible and worthwhile, sharing in both the agony and the ecstasy of the journey, and the destination. They are with you every step of the way. That's the Everest One difference. 


Mark B - Brisbane

Climbers trekking to Mera Peak Base Camp in Nepal with Everest One
Couple enjoying the views on the Everest Base Camp trek with Everest One

We signed up for the Everest Base Camp trek hardly knowing what to expect. We just knew it was an opportunity not to be missed – and we were right.


We'll never forget our last night in Lukla, surrounded by the luminescent glow of the full moon reflecting off the snow-capped mountains. No photo could do it justice. It was a spectacular finale to our trek.

While it was extremely hard going at times, we go through it, literally step by step, with the encouragement of our guides and their fantastic group of Sherpas and porters.  They made sure each of us got what we wanted out of it. They also made sure it was fun. There was so much laughter!


Arriving at Base Camp was the ultimate accomplishment and staying there for two nights was the icing on the cake. Not all EBC groups get to actually stay there, but Everest One makes it happen. The experience of looking across to the Khumbu ice fall by day, hearing the ice crack under our tent at night, just can't be topped. 

We’re so proud of our achievement and we’re so pleased to have done it with such a great group and such amazing guides and friends. 


We're very excited to be joining them on another trek soon - Mt Kilimanjaro! 


Lindsey and Roger Fraser - Hong Kong

Our trek to Everest Base Camp with Everest One was everything we could have hoped for and more! It was the most amazing experience of our lives and had so many unforgettable and unique moments. The personal approach with their treks meant that we had expert advice from the moment we enquired about the trek. We had never trekked before and Deanne was recovering from a Breast Cancer battle, but with their guidance, we were well prepared for the challenge.


Their personal approach extended across all aspects of the trek from the moment we were met at the airport, to the family type atmosphere of our hotel and tea house stays. Everything was taken care of and we could just concentrate on trekking through the most breathtaking mountain trails on our way to Base Camp. Our safety and enjoyment were their number one priority. Their strength and positivity inspired us to achieve our goal and raise money to help fight this destructive disease through the Cancer Council Queensland.


We made it all the way and will never forget our stay in a tent on the ice at Base Camp. We made friends for life and experienced something so special through the fantastic team that is Everest One. We just want to do it all again!" 


Deanne and Tony Singleton - Sunshine Coast


Trekkers arriving in Everest Base Camp with Everest One
Climbers approaching the summit of Mera Peak, Nepal with Everest One

I successfully reached the summit of Mera Peak with Everest One.  This was my first climb in Nepal at altitude so it was imperative that I chose a company I could trust and who had a safe track record.  


Everest One is a boutique guiding company with a premium service at a fair price. They know what it takes to succeed and unlike many large commercial guiding companies, genuinely want you to achieve your goals.  Their success is your success!  

The locals who they work with are some of the most respected in the Nepalese climbing community and made me feel confident I was in good hands.  I would recommend Everest One to climbers/trekkers of all types of experience but especially first timers, as they will give you that extra attention you need! 

Since then, I returned on another adventure with Everest One, this time climbing Kilimanjaro, and standing on the roof of Africa.


Peter Knight - Brisbane 

I had the most memorable experience of my life when I summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with Everest One. 


Their expertise and climbing experience ensured that even a newbie climber like me reached the summit.


These guys are true professionals and great people to climb with. 


I would love to climb again with team Everest One and highly recommend them to everyone. They truly do help you "find your Everest.”


Nishant Ramela - Texas

Climber displaying the Indian flag on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro with Everest One

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