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We help you choose the right gear and save you money

Having quality equipment on any adventure, from multi-day trekking to mountaineering expeditions is crucial to your comfort and success.

It can be quite daunting and confusing when you are first starting out, and many suppliers will give you different information, which may not be accurate.

It is too late when you are mid-way through your adventure to discover the gear you have is not appropriate or doing what it is supposed to do.

The Everest One team have been involved in this industry for over a decade and are experts in choosing the right gear and helping you through the process.

This is a service we offer everyone who joins us and we also know where to get the best gear.

We choose the providers below because they know their stuff, most of the staff are experienced in the outdoors and will give you the right advice.

Everest One customers also receive exclusive discounts at these stores which saves you a bit of money, plus you can leave home for your next adventure knowing you are equipped with the right stuff.

Brisbane Gear - K2
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Sydney Gear - Mountain Equipment
Mountain Equipment logo - Sydney
Melbourne Gear - Bogong
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