With the stunning, rugged MacDonnell Ranges rising impressively from the harsh Central Australian desert, you will experience vast mountain views, vivid landscapes, unique flora and fauna, explore incredible rock formations and water holes, as we pass and on two nights camp along the ridge tops, travel through the deep, red gorges, and across vast open terrain.

The full end-to-end is the ultimate experience and without doubt one of the most challenging and rewarding multi-day walking adventures.

The Larapinta Trail should not be underestimated.


For those who chose to undertake the full end to end walk the trek is graded as Moderate to Difficult. Although there are some days along the trail that are not as demanding, you can expect to be walking anywhere from 5 to 12 hours per day, covering uneven trails, from rocky surfaces to sandy creek beds, with many steep ascents and descents.

As this trek is unsupported, apart from food drops, you will need to be able to carry a heavy pack including additional water on some days.
You should be comfortable in any outdoor environment. As part of your training program, you should be incorporating aerobic exercise into your regime at least 4 days per week, including long bush walks, carrying a heavy pack and including hill climbs.

The Larapinta Trail is a challenge, but the feeling of accomplishment and the memories you build along the way are truly precious. Travelling across demanding terrain, which for most will be unlike any walk you have undertaken before, is one of those accomplishments in life that you will never forget.

If you don't have time, or feel that the full end-to-end trek does not appeal or may be too demanding, you have two additional options, which give you the chance to experience sections of Larapinta trail without having to commit to the entire walk.

If you choose either of these options, you will be transferred to the starting point, and then commence your condensed walking holiday with the Everest One guide.


You will be collected at your chosen end destination by our support team, and transferred back to Alice Springs.



Trip Dates:

5th June to 20th June, 2021

3rd July to 18th July, 2021

7th August to 22nd August, 2021

Trip Price: 





16 Days (14 Days trekking)




Moderate to Difficult

Max Group size:

8 persons

Trek Grading

Country: Australia

Location: Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory

Days: 14


Grade: Moderate to Difficult

Highest Altitude: Mt Sonder (1379m)

Experience: Previous bushwalking experience preferred

Visa Requirement: Not required

Vaccinations: Consult GP / Travel doctor

Travel Insurance: Essential


•    Climb of Mt Sonder (1379m)

•    Camping on Hilltop Lookout with sunset over Mt Sonder

•    Swimming at Ellery Creek Big Hole

•    Camping on Brinkley Bluff, with glorious sunrise over the                          Chewings Range and Mt Giles

•    Exploring Standley Chasm, with breathtaking 80 metre high   

        rock formations

•    Travelling and boulder hopping through the Hugh Gorge,                          surrounded by striking red rock walls and unique flora

•    Diverse vegetation from Spinifex, Mulga, Ghost gums to River Red         Gums, ancient Cycads, to deep river gorges, open terrain, and                 remarkable mountainous views

•    The opportunity to regather, relax, experience nature, get back to          simplicity and take in the simplistic beauty of the harsh desert.