'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit.  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.' - Muhummad Ali




There is no greater personal satisfaction than knowing you have given something you're all, whether it be in your professional career, work or chosen pursuit.  At Everest One we have been fortunate to have been alongside clients who have achieved what others told them were beyond their capabilities.  


We have watched a client celebrate his 68th birthday in Everest Base Camp, whilst on the other end of the spectrum we have taught people that despite all the hard work and effort, success is not always guaranteed.  We have given support and encouragement to people going through hard times, and motivated young adults to pursue their dreams.


Having pushed ourselves to exhaustion and beyond, we know first hand what our mind and body are capable of. Stepping outside of your comfort zone, keeping your eye on the prize and not getting bogged down with the small stuff is one of life's great challenges.


Perserverence, persistence and dedication are qualities that we at Everest One constantly strive for.  We know how dissappointing it is to have your goal insight, only to have to make the tough decision and retreat or face unexpected events. We have been through serious illness, sustained side-lining injuries, faced natural disasters and political interference.  We are not unlike most people, who face adversity and roadblocks every day.  We do understand though, that although these situations are sometimes unavoidable and test us, they also play an important part in our development, hopefully making us stronger and smarter.







We are strong believers that the input and knowledge from others is vital to success.  This is so important when it comes to training.  We are fortunate that we work with some of the most progressive and well-respected trainers, constantly developing our own skills and fitness and staying up to date with the latest training methods.


We know what is required to achieve your personal ambitions, whether it be trekking to the base of the highest mountain in the world or actually climbing it, but we also get advice and support from current fitness experts, who always throw a little spice into the arena.  We ensure that we impart this knowledge onto our clients, and assist you in being in the best possible physical condition before commencing any trip.


We also know that sport specific training plays a vital part in any lead-up, and we include a broad variety of training methods to keep your interest and motivation alive.


You can be reassured that when you join Everest One, we will be with you every step of the way, and that some of the training programs and advice you receive are coming from very best in the fitness industry.



who we work with

Ken Dalton started boxing at the age of 12 under the careful instruction of his mentor Gavan James. Max Pescuad a Melbourne based coach later retiring to the Gold Coast also guided Ken in his early years. Max mentored World Champion Barry Michael and many other TV ringside fighters in the 70′s. Max and Gavan, together, played an important role in instilling old school ethics and the “Art of Boxing” in Ken.


It was ironic that Gavan’s Father and Max Pescuad met each other in the ring in their prime. Trainer’s of the caliber of Max and Gavan are few and far between and it is their influence that makes Ken the trainer he is today.


In 1998 Ken was fortunate enough and privileged to visit Catskills, New York where he trained under Kevin Rooney the former trainer of Mike Tyson. During 1999 he was asked by the Australian Institute of Sport to participate in an elite training program in the lead up to the 2000 Olympics.


By 2002 Ken chose to retire with a record of 65 fights, 53 Wins, 31 by TKO, from the amateur circuit to pursue a dream to become a Firefighter. His passion remained with Boxing and by 2006 just following the birth of his son and second child he decided his dream was to inspire and train people from all different walks of life. In particular he is passionate about training young fighters and was fortunate enough to assist in mentoring Paul Flemming who represented Australia at the 2008 Olympics. His aim overall is to promote a sense of accomplishment within his trainees and provide results… dream, believe, achieve.


In doing so he has established for himself a strong and undeniable reputation for a personal trainer who will achieve unbelievable results for anyone who is as committed. Ken’s passion for fitness and undying need to find new and innovative training methods whilst incorporating the techniques inspired by the boxing discipline will leave you motivated for more. Any individual who attends Ken’s training sessions is sure to increase their physical fitness and thus improve their overall health and well-being. 





ken dalton

Darren is a highly qualified, well educated, expert trainer, who identified a shortfall in the level of experienced trainers and quality of service found in many training facilities around Brisbane.


With a sporting background as a successful rugby league player, Darren understands the importance of hard work, nutrition and lifestyle protocols to ensure his clients achieve a leaner, stronger, healthier physique.


Darren is the owner of Function Well and Athletic Zone, which in our opinion are the most impressive, well laid out and practical gyms we have been a part of. The first thing you notice is that people train differently here, focusing on functional strength and technique, and you can see the results.


Darren is passionate and takes pride in his profession, while his facilities are constantly evolving, providing members with the very best training, nutrition and lifestyle protocols to ensure they achieve a leaner, stronger, healthier physique.


We have trained with Darren as part of a Strong and Lean program, which made a huge difference to our strength conditioning in a relatively short period of time. Darren understands that technique is key, and has corrected some bad habits that Sharon and I picked up over the years. I must say that my back has never felt better, with greater focus on core stability and flexibility, something we have tended to neglect in the past.


Each session is designed to improve strength, muscle, speed, coordination, power, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. We focus on particular exercises including squats, deadlifts, and other powerful strength exercises along with sprint sessions once per week.


Darren has a dedicated team behind him, who believe in and live by the Function Well philosophy of being Brisbane’s most personalised and effective training facility.




darren bain